Lorenzo Homar

Born in the “Barrio” Puerta de Tierra of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is
considered by many to be Puerto Rico’s greatest graphic artist.

Homar inherited his love for the arts from both of his parents. His
father was an arts promoter and his mother a pianist. He went to grammar
school in San Juan. At a young age he moved with his family to New
York. Because of the financial situation of his family, Homar quit high
school and went to work for a textile factory. In 1931, he attended the
Students Art League where he learned the art of drawing under the
guidance of George Brant Bridgeman.

Homar joined the jeweler House of Cartier in 1936 in New York as an
apprentice designer. This was of great significance for his artistic
development because during this time he studied engraving, drawing and
history of design in a traditional workshop system. Furthermore, income
from his position at Cartier allowed Homar to take night classes in
painting, design and typography at Pratt Institute.

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