Comisión de Parques y Recreo Público (CPRP)

The Taller Comisión de Parques y Recreo Público (CPRP) created posters from 1946-1949. CPRP’s artists included a mix of creators from the United States as well as Puerto Rico. This group was the precursor for the later Taller División de la Educación y Comunidad (DivEdCo). DivEdCo would later to span the years of 1949-1989. CPRP’s director was Irene Delano and members included Edwin Rosskam, Manuel Hernández Acevedo, Wifredo Cintron, Juan Diaz, Robert Gwathmey, Francisco Palacios and Aníbal Otero. The works created by CPRP were used to announce opening of public parks, promote voting, civic duty, health programs and initiatives, holiday celebrations, and artistic events. The works were primitive in appearance and used materials which were extremely delicate. Most of the posters were created to be glued or tacked on homes/buildings as to advise rural communities of events and health measures. Many of the artists were influenced by the styles of WPA, Mexican Muralists, Latino Culture, and social realism. Given the delicate materials used, these works are extremely rare and near impossible to find.

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