About PuertoRicoPoster 1945-1985

In 1960 this collection was began by my father. He was a professor of anthropology at the University of Puerto Rico. Living in Old San Juan, and mixing with the academics and artisans of the Island, he established close friendships with many of the artists who were part of División de Educación de la Communidad (DivEdCo). DivEdCo’s workshop was in the Old City and many of the artists could be found in the small restaurants and bars of the Old City. The posters and art they were creating was dispersed to lucky friends like my father and he soon had a budding collection of Tufiño’s, Homar’s, Hernández Acevedo’s, Domingo Garcia’s, and more.

My father’s collection, and love for the work, was passed on and now after decades of acquiring I have one of the most extensive collections of Puerto Rican posters to exist. I have continued my father’s friendships with the likes of Domingo Garcia, Antonio Martorell, and Jose Rosa. I have close ties to collectors and estates. Many of the works included in this collection were either obtained directly from the artists and/or their surviving families.

If you are looking for a particular piece of work, and do not see it included on this site, inquire and I will likely have it. While we have physical space in Puerto Rico to show work, this is an online gallery of exceptional quality with some of the rarest and most celebrated works.

If you want to contact our gallery please do so at PuertoRicoPoster@gmail.com.