Antonio Martorell

Martorell has a distinctive style and an exceptional ability to bring his works to light in serigraphy with the distinctive borinquen tradition as a backdrop. More than his peers, Martorell’s work addresses political and social debate. In all of his works, political or otherwise, Martorell’s art depicts a celebration of the Island’s shared cultural heritage. This celebration makes Martorell a celebrated artist amongst all political spectrums. Where Martorell again departs from his peers can be seen in his dynamic range of styles. Some of the Martorell’s works share traditions similar to Homar and Tufiño, allowing Martorell’s work to fit neatly with the day’s genre. Other Martorell works embrace the pop-culture of the sixties with neon-bright colors and a reliance on two-dimensional figures. Making Martorell even a larger standout amongst his peer, is the artist’s wide range of materials and formats. Antonio Martorell’s work can be found on paper, canvas, large sculpture, antique-styled hats and the occasion salon.

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